Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The melody of justice

The melody of justice

“Justice is sweet and musical; but injustice is harsh and discordant” (American writer Henry David Thoreau). From time to time we make use of these lines as a camera to portray how justice works while emitting its sweet melody. Thus it can sometimes stop the unbearable screech of injustice.

Injustice such as in the case of those who saw how their bank accounts were looted by cyber criminals using the trojan SpyEye. But its creator, a 24 years old Russian hacker, was captured by the Interpol in the Dominican Republic and has been pleaded guilty in U.S. for an offense of conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud. Music to the ears of their victims.

However there are still a huge number of cybercriminals making mischief. Kaspersky Lab reported the piece of malware HEUR:Backdoor.Java.Agent.a which takes advantage of an old Java’s vulnerability to infect any not updated computer running either Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Once the computer is infected, it will take part in a botnet which criminals use to conduct denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

And there are even some more imaginative ones. Avast warns about a fake version of the popular FTP client FileZilla. Its creators endeavored to develop a fully functional clone, but with one big difference which will be unnoticed for its users: this trojan sends the FTP access credentials to cybercriminals.

Although justice spent years tuning their instruments to deal with the increase and diversification of cybercrime, much effort remains to be made. This is why companies choose to implement Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and firewalls, although given the greater effectiveness of the second ones, many CISOs are wondering if it is still necessary to keep a simple IPS.

However, there are some grisly crimes that go far beyond the cyberspace’s boundaries, although they take advantage of it. Pedophilia is one of them. In fact 5,000 of such cases were reported last year in Argentina alone. Besides it is estimated that there are a hundred thousand pedophile Facebook accounts in that country. For this reason, the NGO Life Alert calls Argentine institutions to make greater legal and educational efforts in the fight against this scourge.

We would want to finish our particular informative "snapshot" today with a curious news item. Do you remember that key with a huge keychain that we were given to access our rooms in a hotel some time ago? Since then, they have tried different opening/closing systems to protect the privacy of our bedrooms during our stay. Well, the Starwood hotels developed a mobile app that unlocks the door remotely via bluetooth technology. Its objective is that customers can make check-in and go up to their room without stopping at reception.


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