Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tactics and Strategy

“My strategy is, nevertheless, deeper and simpler. My strategy is that any given day, I do not know neither how nor with what reason, at last... you need me”. It would be difficult to know how many security consultants would be willing to paraphrase Mario Benedetti in order to get a contract. But what is clear is that the Uruguayan poet discussed about security environment without even knowing it, when he said "Perfection is a polished collection of errors".

Based on trial and error, as any Paulovs of the information age, we gradually draw the path that leads us to conquer unexpected goals. Collecting errors is a way of collecting as we can collect some learnings from the past and even some predictions (no better date than this) for the year we have ahead. McAfee Labs were among the early birds this year to release what they called “key trends for 2014”: Mobile malware, virtual currency, espionage against espionage, social attacks, new vulnerabilities (watch HTML5), security at Big Data environment and corporate cloud-based applications.

In fact, some people consider that we move towards a scenario of "zero confidence" in cloud-computing, taking into consideration the most notorious case last year: leaks by former contractor Edward Snowden. What is this whole NSA thing but a big hole in cloud computing? In 2014 this issue will be one of the four (and not only related to Snowden) that will set the agenda, according to the predictions of the prestigious Ars Technica.

Another way of collecting errors is to follow New Year resolutions' lists, which are a constant failure because they are hardly accomplished. That is the reason why a mobile application called Habit Streak Pro (Android) was born. It will become our Jiminy Cricket so it can be quite essential to many security companies. But we must note that it may not be all about software. Or that software comes in the form of hardware, which is the main predictor from Forbes. And as we are talking about reviews and forecasts, is worth to close the chapter today with a post by Pablo Fernández Iglesias, contributor of CIGTR... He had more than good numbers in 2013 so 2014 could turn an eventful year for him. Actually he has 364 days to achieve it ;-)

Anyway, be very careful with the "bad guys" in this 2014. Disguised as good guys, their aim is always "to score a goal" and win the match that play against us. With something as sweet as the words of Benedetti himself in his famed Tactics and strategy poem again: "My tactics is to stay in your memory, I do not know neither how nor with which pretext, but to stay in you."


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