Saturday, January 11, 2014

Opportunism in the network

”Behind an extremist, always hides an opportunistic”. With these words, Lenin left his position clear to opportunism lurking in every corner of his government, and serves as input to speak of opportunism in the network, the new battlefield.


Opportunism as unfortunately we live day after day, with leaks to internet service attacks, and attempt to "appease" tempers of the users concerned with small figures. These figures increase over (when you can no longer hide any longer). And they tell it to Target, the third largest U.S. store, and that has happened in just one month of the 22 million accounts affected, 110 million this morning.

Opportunism on the other side, the cyber criminals who take advantage to cause chaos in the network. A failure in the maintenance of Dropbox seems to be the real cause of the blackout tonight for their services, not the announced attack by a group of crackers. Twitter is on fire with it.

No shortage of opportunists who try to take advantage of last change of GMail, integrating contacts from Google+. If someone wants scares avoided by CNET explain how to prevent anyone who has you in their circles can send emails directly (an implementation that is enabled by default), which we have yet to add the dangers of the automatic opening of attached images (another new implementations of the mailer).

And finally, a new opportunistic union, this time in a beneficial way for the user, consisting of companies and foundations renowned such as Reddit, Mozilla and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, have organized a macro-protest on Feb. 11 against unconstitutional tactics massive spying conducted by the NSA. Hopefully good for something.

Four news on opportunism. Four completely different news, and from different areas, which tend to confirm the words of Lenin. Be careful what you do online. Anywhere hides an opportunist.


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