Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh! My beloved hacking!

Oh! My beloved hacking!

Let’s make a toast for Chris and Christine! What hacking has joined together let no man put asunder!

Usually when we talk about hacking, it is relative to attacks performed by cybercriminals or hacktivists with questionable purposes. However, this time, the mathematical genius Chris McKinlay showed us that hacking can also be useful for finding the true love. He used his mathematical and programming skills to exploit the database of OkCupid dating website. That way he could find girls more likely to fit with him. Finally the spark came when he met Miss Christine Tien Wang.

However, there are some stories of love (or not) with an uncertain end, as those that occasionally China and the U.S. have. After the big web crash suffered by 500 million Chinese last Tuesday, it is been speculated about U.S. intelligence role in the issue. But now some experts point to a possible error from people in charge of the Great Chinese Firewall, which is aimed to keep users away from external influences.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security found itself forced to contact 114 of their contractors but not to deliver a very romantic message at all. The letter was to inform them about a security breach on its web portal which compromised more than 500 documents. Some of them even contained some bank details.

Surely the 13 defendants for card-skimming who are alleged to have manipulated pump-mounted card readers installed in gas stations throughout the southern US. will not feel like making any toast. Actually they managed to steal consumer’s card information from some distance thanks to some bluetooth chips they had introduced into the devices. It is estimated that the scheme could have obtained 2.1 million of dollars by this method in one year.

But there are also some stories of strengthened love. Now Chrome browser lovers have another reason to adore it. In fact, Google announced a new version - number 32 - which fixes 11 vulnerabilities and brings performance and stability improvements. We will make a toast with you! Chin, chin!

Indeed feeling safe and protected is a source of satisfaction and joy. It is like that in the business environment as well. Nevertheless the romance between employees and safety is not always as smooth as it should be. Security analyst Pete Herzog describes five ways to build security culture in an organization, such as avoiding to promote a constant state of threat and paranoia, pushing happiness and discouraging socializing.


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