Saturday, January 25, 2014

Of mysteries and laws

"Here I am the CEO of a public company and people know if I have a cold. People might know my heart rate, my blood sugar." So has said Marc Benioff, the head of Salesforce, during the inaugural conference at Davos, the major international economic forum.

140125esThe annual meeting of the World Economic Forum has started with surprises: they were not several Nobel prizes in charge of giving the starting signal to this forum, but managers of several technology companies. Along with Benioff, the first conference saw Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!; Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT &T; John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, and Gavin Patterson, CEO of BT. All of them are united by a concern and main work area for the immediate future: privacy. And they said they work for reconciling participation in social networks and privacy safeguarding.

Who are supossed to practise a great zeal on their privacy? Exactly: security experts. In just over a month, the Spanish capital, Madrid, hosts one of the most important meetings of the industry: RootedCON. They have already released some of the papers in this issue, and new features like the pre-match training sessions, including a workshop called Corelan Bootcamp, an intensive training over 12 hours each day conducted by Peter Van Eeckhoutte (@corelanc0d3r).

However, the question of the day to many experts is how a Hotmail account of someone called David S. Peck could be appearing as the first result in Google when entering “Gmail” in the search box. Techcrunch even contacted him, who has confirmed that he was receiving a lot of blank e-mails, and the thing had to move to higher, because in the last few hours its mailbox returned the message "unavailable". Due to lack of official explanations, the case is still a mystery.

Quite the opposite of a mystery, the excessive legislation on cookies in Spain is causing the angry response from administrators. At the "Internal Affairs" forum in Kriptópolis, user "admin" complains bitterly of this situation: "Spain is, in short, a country full of laws... so that almost anyone can accomplish them."


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