Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Friday, so let's enjoy!


Can you feel it? Yeah, we too. It is the unmistakable aroma of Friday. That makes you stretch your legs, relax your arms, squint and imagine the deserved weekend break. How could I not recognize it? For many people, Friday means the beginning of fun.

For those who want fun, they can start with Cicada 3301. A few days ago the issue came to our Community IT & CyberSec Sec. But now even the BBC took care of the matter and it seems to make more sense than ever, perhaps because of the aura of mystery that surrounds it, perhaps due to the very convoluted and complex problem posed. Only best minds, and not all of them, can stand up to this challenge. What? Are you at the industry and you had not heard of it? Well, wind down! It’s Friday.

Whoever wants another choice for fun can google, google and google again. OK, but watch that all that fun does not make you feel too much relaxed. If Google tells you that a site may harm your computer will probably be true, so niet, forbidden, you can NOT go there. And if by chance the infected site is yours, Spam Loco gives you the keys to not being penalized by, once you’ve cleaned up your web. And then, please, wind down. It’s Friday.

Another option to spend your time on in the weekend is reading. But not reading in any manner, no, but in a somewhat more relaxed way. That's what the "for dummies" editions are becoming a classic for. People from Trend Micro have released an entertaining PDF in Spanish on Security in the cloud and virtualization, which is a big deal because these technologies adoption is a unstoppable trend. Come on! Enjoy it, it's Friday.

Do you usually meet up friends on Fridays? So it is quite likely that you use something like Whatsapp or Hangouts, right? Did you know that conversations are not encrypted? Do you want to feel a bit more secure while you are planning your free time? "Security Art Work" gives you some advice on the matter. You could think that the one who proposes such thing does not trust anyone, but he is not the only, nor the most notorious one: India decided that Google is not worth it as a partner for the electronic elections, due to NSA espionage. Same issue is becoming a nightmare for some leaders on Friday (and Saturday, and Sunday…).

And as this happens, it is also a week of designations. The Spanish Association for the Promotion of Information Security, ISMS Forum Spain, appointed Carles Pascual Solé as New Director of the Spanish Institute for Cybersecurity. Solé comes from a financial institution, and is computer engineer by UPC and MBA by IESE. Sure this Friday has something different for him. Hopefully he can enjoy it.


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