Friday, January 3, 2014

Da Vinci's Year

On one 3rd of January like today, Leonardo da Vinci tested his flying machine. This "hacker" of science and arts had an outstanding year in 1496. Some people know how to start a year keeping themselves full of energy, looking to the future and ready to face 12 months loaded with challenges.

You can tell that about FireEye, a cybersecurity company that has started 2014 monopolizing all the covers for its acquisition of forensic company Mandiant by $ 1 billion. Does that name sound familiar to you? Indeed, Mandiant became famous in 2013 when it uncovered the case of APT-1, a Chinese secret military unit for organizing cyber attacks against Western’s strategic interests. Regarding the acquisition, remember that 1,000 million was what Facebook paid for Instagram.

Speaking of Facebook, cyber risk sometimes comes disguised in the most innocent possible way, for instance, in form of application (a Facebook one). In that case, even the URL will give us the clue to what is upon us, and we will see a that will not make us suspect of anything... And yet, wham! They will change it in a second for a spam landing page, or worse, a site containing malware.

These concerns must be added to the prominence that Snapchat is literally stealing to Facebook, especially since it was known the failed operation by 3.000 million (three times Instagram’s one, triple of Mandiant’s one). The security of this application is questionable, although its creators strive to communicate that all the bugs are fixed. And from one app to another, Chema Alonso proposed himself to break down whatsapp app, and he did it on Blackberry, Android and almost iOS by the dumbest way possible.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote "Threats alone are the weapons of the threatened man," Threat sometimes comes from China, sometimes from a malicious developer, and sometimes from an almost innocent security breach. But it is there. As the continuous surveillance over the digital citizen. On December 29 Spanish TV broadcasted a documentary called “Watch your data”, a complete review of issues as much interest as the fingerprint, the right to be forgotten, the obsolescence of data protection laws, the user’s responsibility or the Big Data business. If you have one spare hour, watch it. It will be worth it.


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