Saturday, December 21, 2013

When the security is not so.. safe

”The only secure system is one that is off inside a concrete block protected in a sealed room surrounded by armed guards.” So clear and direct Gene Spafford was shown a decade ago the question of which system was really sure. And yet, I would add that you forgot to remove the power supply.


So long ago, and we continue with the same old problem. Security systems that have become the mainstay of communication and information in our society, and can be attacked at any time, the most unlikely way possible, ignoring all the measures that seem insurmountable, as recently shown by several researchers University of Baltimore. All iMac and Macbook OS X devices before 2008 have a bug that allows an attacker to record with the webcam without turned on alert.

No wonder that Forbes publish a new post about 10 simple things that everyone should do to minimize the risk, and can be applied to both businesses and users. 10 Factors common sense, such as monitoring your name (or your brand) with Google Alerts, log on other people's computers always give your personal information (including email and telephone) as little as possible anywhere, even physical stores , using verification methods in two steps, encrypt data stored on our devices, ...

Techniques that help with the problems of digital privacy of our era, as long as we trust all these security protocols that are behind them. A statement difficult to share when you know that the NSA paid $ 10 million will be used for default algorithm generating random numbers of RSA in a BSafe cryptographic. An algorithm that in 2007 was charged to contain a backdoor, which allegedly has been using U.S. security agency access to outside information.

Again a loss of reputation for one of the most powerful countries in the world that has forced Obama ensure that is being studied in remodeling of spy model. Among the proposals, is putting in front of the agency a civil, and limit wiretapping. He also used the press conference to remember that all these techniques are frontier outward and the importance of maintaining the essence of it "to protect the security of their country."


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