Sunday, December 22, 2013

Top 5 infosec links of the Week (V)

Joke Security Predictions, ATMs fail, malware, different views on the Deep Web and the use of well-known brands to spam attacks are the top five articles that you like, and therefore we bring in Article of Sunday. Mindful that started.

Cybersecurity is not to take it with humor, but it is the large group of articles appearing over the holidays with the predictions of next year. Javvad Malik cybersecurity expert parodies in the video that accompanies this collection some of the most common. Did you know that intelligence agencies ... will continue spying? :)

Tor, a distributed Internet network layers deep, rather than activists, tourists and cybercriminals. Interesting is therefore know the different opinions of several experts on.

How to steal money from customers using an ATM? The first thing that comes to mind is all in the handling of card readers with a keylogger or place a camera to see what is being inserted. But that falls short next to the thymus has been discovered in Brazil: fail machines that are placed on top of real ATM. Seeing is believing.

One of the most common attack is the DDoS cyberspace, which requires the distributed resource access, and therefore the generation of zombies terminals. The Poland Emergency Response Team (CERT) warned this week new malware affecting Windows and Linux OS (yes, you heard right), and that opens a backdoor to access your remote terminal .

Any recognized brand or event is sufficient to generate a new spam campaign, this ancient method of attack that is still operating today (despite the strict control of the mail servers) excuse. Be carefull, note that Christmas is an important date in the calendar.


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