Sunday, December 15, 2013

Top 5 infosec links of the Week (IV)

Undercover agents in cybercriminals campaigns, Christmas cards, predictions for next year, sexting and hacked user studies are the most burning issues in a week comes to an end. Collection item voted by you.

We started Monday knowing the history of Michael Adams, an undercover agent who has spent four years in a fraud scheme of sale of false documents through internet that caused losses of more than $ 50 millions.

We continue with the predictions made ​​us Websense cybersecurity, which predict more targeted attacks than advanced malware threats in the next year. The ransomware and the cloud will be other aspects to deposit our resources.

And yet not speak any hazards inherent in this new wave of sending photos or videos listed under the term Sexting. A dark business that increasingly affects adolescents.

Worried study shows that almost one in four consumers have suffered hacking accounts in the UK. Hotmail, Yahoo and Facebook are the most affected services but are not far away other related financial data as Paypal and eBay.

Accompany the entry with the humorous video that the guys from the IT University of Rochester have prepared for such appointed festivals, reminding the dangers of leaving Grandma clicks in Christmas Ads.


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