Friday, December 13, 2013

Take care where you click

Grandma got phished by a hacker browsing through the sale sites Chrismas Eve, you may think there’s no such thing as security, but as for me and grandpa we believe. It’s the joker tone and lyrics from a cartoon video by IT University at Rochester. Christmas is coming soon, and with it, there’s also coming loads of bad clicks in the wrong places and you’ll get a dull Christmas.

Of course, sometimes the bad guys have it easier than ever. Android user? Have you ever downloaded an application outside the official circuit? Well, you can be sure (really sure), that you’ve got malware on your smartphone or tablet. That is not what we say, that’s what Arxan Technologies says in a document: 100% of paid Android applications off-Google Play have been hacked. iPhone user, perhaps? Well if you've left the App Store you’ve got half chance that you’ve been infected.

The most worrying thing is that within this huge package of malicious applications, digital balaclava boys are clear: banking is their preferred attacks target. You know: taking control and gaining access to your account, and in a couple of clicks your money, voilá! It’s gone. Arxan’s same study advices about it: if you’re going to mobile banking, go before it for a little extra vigilance.

In the hacked Grandma video, phishing is the source of infection: an e-mail inviting you to click on a link designed for life sprain. In a further twist to e-mail security, Google has just decided that absolutely every image for any Gmail user will be displayed from Mountain View servers. What may be good news for users might be a neighborhood for thousands of professionals engaged in e-mail marketing. The decision is at least controversial.

Of course, if we talk about e-mail, phishing and security, it is mandatory to mention passwords. What if your password is a descriptive image, not an alphanumeric string? Well, Carnegie Mellon researchers propose that it is safer and easier to remember, a kind of password like character-action- object. For example: Clinton kissing a fish. No kidding. Go to their web and you see that this is exactly the example they set.

Examples of… examples? NSA director, Gen. Keith Alexander, thinks that his country, or maybe just his agency, gives the World a huge example. Cyber ​​espionage is, in his words, "the best way to protect America." Each one of you may draw your own conclusions.

Whether you're being surveilled or not, take care where you click!!!!


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