Saturday, December 14, 2013

Security Trends "Made in Spain

”When fortunes are made in war, war becomes a business”. A declaration of intent by Christian N. Bovée, one of the most critical American writers of the nineteenth century, predicting what would future wars.

This week has been in the news, among other things, the coming-out of a Spanish company, 11Paths. For those who do not know them, stay with Chema Alonso and Informatica64, from a few months ago under the aegis of telecommunications giant Telefonica.

In the event, along with a panel of leading figures from the world of security, were revealed some trends to consider in the coming years, together with the presentation tools also "Made in Spain" for the international market.

Cloud Computing Security: In a world where companies are using the benefits of the cloud, and with knowledge that increasingly, information is compromised in such architectures, is evident the need to propose good cloud security measures. Require insurance provider environments, not forgetting internal company policies.

Pentesting by design: It is anecdotal that day after day we see the flight of millions of customer data in large Internet services, the attack on critical infrastructures that support our way of life, the constant danger of APT, and in many cases, still maintain security outside the software lifecycle. Pentesting by design is a methodology, adding the figure of the audit in every design process of a system. An integration should start at time 0, and accompany our services until they become obsolete.

Auditoría persistente: Why should we feel safe audited every year after our services have prepared for two weeks to the test, when the attackers will not notice, or they will spend more than two days to carry out the attack? Infosec as a service, a concept that involves the development of automatic methods of testing, would work 24x7x365 continuously testing our systems. A much more realistic test, monitored, and if anything, positively affect the company's business.

In addition to these trends, it is necessary to mention two services that are new. For one, free delivery of a portable Foca Final Version, which is to "kill" Foca Pro, one of the tools Figerprinting best known in our country. And secondly, welcome a new service, Latch, which proposes "a new way to democratize security the connections we make with our digital accounts", so that we can "turn off" access while we need not use them, include a verification system in two steps, or prohibit the activation of some services in our bank accounts, websites or social networks just move a scroll in a our mobile application. A simple idea, open to anyone and with Spanish label.


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