Sunday, December 1, 2013

Personal information and privacy

Hiring hackers by the army, the weakness of our digital privacy, industrial control systems, cybersecurity and assaults of the NSA. Vital part of all those entries that have more valued throughout the week, and as has become usual, we bring you the top 5 collection. Hold on to what you can.


The democratization of information systems in industry, coupled with the expansion of the same for submission, put in the center of any objective industrial control systems, critical elements of our society, and suggest new ways to deal with them.

Some countries, including Belgium, are defining a set of patterns to follow to ensure the reliability of all these processes that threaten the common good. In other cases, such as Spanish, measures is hiring hackers to audit internally recognized all diagonal convergence processes information we are living.

Information appears to be in the public domain, at least for the NSA, which has not hesitated to infect with malware more than 50,000 computer networks to carry out its control.

A control that in some cases it becomes unnecessary as with the rise of social networks, it is terribly easy to obtain sensitive information of a person, to promote these services sharing pictures, biography, likes and comments on private affairs.

Top five topics of the week, which revolve around the same premise: the need to protect our property, whether digital, whether personal or social.


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