Monday, December 23, 2013

Do not steal my identity!

Can you imagine you are trying to pay some Christmas gifts with your credit card and mysteriously is out of credit? In this case, it is very likely that you have suffered an identity theft.

Perhaps most of these situations do not become as extreme as you can see on the trailer of the comedy movie that comes with this post, but the United States Department of Justice warns that such practices increase at Christmas time. In fact, 11 million and a half people in that country are victims some fraud from identity theft every year.

Undoubtedly, credit cards are a juicy loot for cybercriminals. Last week we told you about the massive theft of Target customers’ card data which, incidentally, has been known to affect not only Americans but also to cards issued by foreign institutions. Now we know that also the casino operator Affinity Gaming suffered a security breach that compromised payment cards of those players who use its facilities from March to October this year.

However, as a consumer, you should not only take good care of your card details. You also have to guard the credentials you use to access your online bank account. Banking trojans are a growing threat. In 2013, they have affected more than 1,400 financial institutions in 88 different countries.

All the cases mentioned explain why individuals are five times more worried about being hacked than being tracked for advertising purposes, as stated by a survey by the Computer & Communications Industry Association.

In any case, it is mandatory for banks to establish all the security systems at its disposal. And, although it is possible that their information networks have the best protection against hackers, that is useless if the information is printed out and improperly used by an employee. Therefore, Konica Minolta encourages banks to "implement systems that are able to manage versioned files, notifications, have access records," among other features.


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