Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dad, that's not right

Dad, that's not right

"Dad, that's not exactly true. Let me explain it to you." Young people are better at adopting technology and, in many cases, in a position to lecture their parents about its risks. We already have the beginning of a conversation between father and son, let’s see how it could follow:

Son - Dad, actually the risks of Android have been a bit exaggerated. It is an open environment, so, of course, it is more likely to be attacked than others, but its main two risks are in its app store called Google Play and in its large amount of different devices and OS versions.

Dad - However, yesterday I heard that an advertising platform which is integrated into some Android apps has a vulnerability that hackers could use to steal sensible information from the phone.

Son - Yeah, I've heard of it. The platform is called HomeBase SDK, right? I think it's from Israel, isn’t it? But I would worry much more about the malicious "who has viewed your profile" campaign in Facebook. Thanks to it, criminals are gathering user’s personal data. In fact, it’s estimated to have affected 190,000 users since December 4th. Nearly 200,000 people in just one week! But if that weren’t enough, there is also a fake Primark vouchers campaign. Firstly users are invited to join some Facebook page, where they post the vouchers linked them to a form where they ask users for their personal details.

Dad - It is scary indeed! Some days ago I read that a professional poker player’s laptop was stolen from his hotel room while he was participating in a tournament and mysteriously returned later. Apparently, someone installed some spyware so they could see screenshots and activity logs of his computer.

Son - I’m sure it was some rival’s trick in order to see his cards in an online poker game. That is nothing though compared to what happened at the G20 summit in September. Some hackers from China sent a number of deceptive emails with malware attached targeting several European foreign ministers. They didn’t steal any documents, but they managed to compromise nine computers.

Dad - This is crazy! Please take my phone and my laptop and install all the security solutions that come to your mind.


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