Friday, December 27, 2013

A new year, new life

Forget everything you know. Forget everything you've learned so far. Maybe in 2014 it will not do any good. Just do yourself one question: where would you have invested $ 100 during the last year? Maybe most of us give an inadequate response.

CoinsAccording to market prices, the best investment in 2013 would have been the bitcoins. They’ve experienced an appreciation that few of us have dared to estimate when this year started walking. Catch this: a 5.000% according to an estimate published in Forbes, ie your $ 100 a year ago would now be near $ 5,000. The other rising values, all of them technological ones, have also experienced increases, but none as extensive as those of 2013 virtual currency par excellence. Another spectacular rise at the same rate of growth but with a much younger stock trades, is Twitter: more than twice that of its debut on the stock exchange on 7th November.

But of course. Bitcoin is not free from the dangers of the new economy. Just type in a mismatch URL, a single character difference, and at the other side of the screen we are not expecting a money changer agent, but an identity robber. It is the greatest danger at this moment, and it’s called typosquatting. It’s one of the least expensive ways for social engineering and one of the most effective. So if you're not quite sure where you get in, do not trust anyone who asks you to download anything.

This year we’re saying goodbye to has also knocked-out more than one expert in "Social Media". Which has been the revelation media of the year? Pulse after being acquired by LinkedIn? Instagram, due to Facebook integration? Twitter, after Custom Timelines? Niente. Nein. It was Snapchat, "the Social Media 4Chan" the “blink of an eye” messages chain. Pay attention to this: there’s an exploit for this (yet in many places) “unknown” social network in order to collect bulk phone numbers. The hottest is something closer are the risks.

By the way this year has served to learn something, let's also pay attention to the latest threats, maybe we extract some learning, despite the continuous changing environment. Dark Reading guys tried to, in a full post on the lessons behind the five major attacks last year: Cryptolocker, New York Times, Bit9, the DDoS operations and the "blackout" Korean.


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