Sunday, November 3, 2013

We have lo look back to understand the present day

bing malware cigtr

Progressive evolutions which keep growing more and more are the material of History the German poet and philosopher Novalis says. The infosec sector is still young, but dynamic enough to have accumulated some history and some interesting milestones during these years in which we wave passed from dealing with hackers just looking to know the limits of their systems, or acquiring some notoriety, to face real criminal organizations using sophisticated tools and complex processes with virtual currencies to launder the money obtained through their attacks against companies, institutions and users.

History usually depends on concrete individual and facts for further progress and precisely in these days we are “celebrating” that Morris worm turns 25. It was one of the first malware developments that started to spread through the still young Internet and became, although being just a test without malicious intents, the predecessor of most of the malware used today to endanger de safety of our information.

It’s important to know the past in order to take on future challenges, because our sector changes quickly and we need to be able to react and adapt to unexpected threats becomes an indispensable feature for any professional willing to success… Just ask Microsoft about how their recently refurbished Bing browser could be spreading malware through fake ads.


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