Monday, November 25, 2013

We are a bunch of exhibitionists but we don't know it

“Thanks for invading our privacy. I’ll call the police if you do that again”. This was the reaction of one of the individuals who was bothered by the social media experiment made by the American comedian Jack Vale (watch the video).

But Mr. Vale just approached to some strangers with information that they had already fully shared in public on social media. It is very interesting to see the reaction of surprise from those who did not understand how this stranger knew so much about them. They were not aware that when they publish a photo of their dog on Instagram or write a tweet their mother's birthday, they are giving up their privacy.

However, it appears that the NSA has been using much more intrusive methods to collect sensitive data from individuals and organizations worldwide. The documents leaked by Snowden show that the Agency infected about 50,000 networks across the globe with malware.

It could even have been easier if its attack were addressed to mobile phones because 9 out of 10 apps are vulnerable, according to a HP’s research. The report also throws data such that 75% of the applications do not use the most appropriate encryption techniques when it comes to storing data on mobile devices.

Privacy and security are some of the major concerns  that we have as users, but Internet also facilitates copyright infringement. So much so, that a jury awarded to photojournalist Daniel Morel $ 1.2 million as a compensation for the distribution and publication of 8 of his photos that were filtered through Twitter without his consent.

While some people defend copyright, others prove the difficulty of protecting it. Hacker Dmitry Sklyarov tested the most sophisticated encryption systems for ebooks’ protection and showed that none was infallible.

Let us ask you the following question. How much money  would be necessary to make you turned a criminal? The creator of the Internet’s black market, Silk Road, kneaded bitcoins worth $ 122 million, although some Israeli researchers think that this only represents 22% of everything that he actually earned with his dark business.


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