Sunday, November 10, 2013

Top 5 infosec links of the Week

Vulnerabilities, future malware, The Princess Bride and international collaboration including China. This week has been full of information that now we offer you as a brief summary, in response to some requests that have sent to us to make Sundays become a repository of weekly most read links. Here we go!

Of course, you do like things like lists. Two of the most read news last seven days have been exactly two lists: the first one, the long list of vulnerabilities that security researcher Mohamed Osman Saeed discovered on Oracle, HP and Symantec websites, among others; second one, the also long list of Australian websites hacked via defacement by Indonesian groups, in response to Australia-NSA alleged collaboration for spying on Indonesia.

Does anyone imagine an attack like #opAustralia with malware that could not be removed even if the device is disconnected from the network? Well that would be the case BadBIOS, which is transmitted via USB, but activated by ultrasound. Therefore, once installed get rid of it is a thankless task, especially since it takes time to discover so peculiar activation system.

And because malware knows no borders, Chinese authorities take advantage of it, so they insist each time that his country is bullied by cybercriminals as anyone. They again said that, this week, at the cybersecurity leaders world meeting held in San Francisco, where they also took the opportunity to ask a real world collaborative agreement to address the (in)security.

Finally, the "romantic" wink of the week: Silk Road’s return to activity, one of the largest organizations to buy and sell drugs, hacking services, counterfeit and a wide range of illegal items under the anonymity of the Tor network. “Romantic" wink because its new leader after the arrest of the precedent, it is called Dread Pirate Roberts, ie the same identity as the series of characters on the book and movie The Princess Bride.


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