Sunday, November 24, 2013

Top 5 infosec links of the Week (III)

Crowdfunding serving professional killers, Google and Microsoft’s measures against child abuse, the Cyberpol creation, arrest of 5 suspected cyber-criminals and hacking through public wifis, were the topics that most caught your eyes this week.

'Assassination Market' is a website that promotes the murder of specific people, mainly politicians suggested by its users. They crowdfund each target’s assassination in bitcoins. Thus, its creator’s aim is to destroy “all governments, everywhere."

Google and Microsoft, meanwhile, show the most kindly face of this week with the announcement of some measures to fight against child abuse. They have decided not to show any results ​​in their search engines for 100,000 words in 158 languages so pedophiles will have more complicated to find child pornography.

We also considered good news the meeting between the European and Asian divisions of Interpol which will be responsible for combating cybercrime. Their work will be coordinated from his brand new headquarters in Singapore.

Thanks to this new Cyberpol we hope to see more often news about arrests and dismantling of cybercriminals  as the one this week. In the U.S., they arrested new 5 men in connection with a criminal scheme which stole $ 45 million from ATMs from 27 different countries.

Sometimes we make it too easy for cyber thieves. We show overconfidence when connecting to public wifis in airports or hotels that can make us fall into a hacker’s trap and thus allow him to access our device without notice it.


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