Sunday, November 17, 2013

Top 5 infosec links of the Week (II)

Personal information exposed, phishing in mobile devices, companies forcing password resets for security flaws and secure web development tutorials. These are the topics that have applauded this week, and that we offer at the Sunday Post as a weekly compilation of the top 5. Are you ready?

Terrible decision by some California schools to hire companies to monitor the online activity of their students, with the excuse of preventing suicides, or detect dangerous situations (bullying, violence, drugs, ...). A Big Brother story that Orwell predicted in his time.

As is also the fact that a mexican website ( without permission of the citizen exposes sensitive information, since Federal Tax until voter credentials and CURP. And even more disturbing that not only affects the country, but much of the South American territory.

Data stolen from a thousand and one ways, the most common phishing, together with the figure of the mobile and shortened URLs, a kind of deception with great success on the small screens. And also because the low security of our passwords, which has led to the theft of millions Adobe account, and forced Facebook users to change their credentials again the risk of spread to their domains.

A situation that could have been minimized with good guidelines when developing the websites of these companies. A formation tha Security ArtWork feel as necessary, giving some guidelines to consider in the construction of these security services.

The climax for a week full of human errors and structural weaknesses. Have a great Monday return.


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