Saturday, November 30, 2013

The price of the currency

The cash is for ruined. The opulence is no longer measured by the money you have to pay, but by the ability of moratorium with cards you have.


The words with which we began this Saturday come from Juan Cueto, director of Canal Plus, and have become obsolete in a few years. The reason for this decline as early live day after day in the news, with the rise of online payment methods, and in particular the rehabilitation of digital currency par excellence, the bitcoin.

Based on "mined", fully decentralized and uses various types of transaction. A monetary model inherits common elements of other currencies (figure purse, deposits) extrapolated to the digital world. A payment that coexists with many others, and that historically has had its ups and downs.

The assessment of bitcoin and amounts to more than $ 1000, a dramatic increase that attracts the interest of all, for better and for worse. A million dollars in bitcoins were stolen recently, advantage engineers BIPS (Bitcoin Internet Payment Services) were trying to regain control after a denial of service attack. Something that can happen to anyone, we are a big company or a digital user, and could have been avoided if customers BIPS been taken into account some guidelines for securing their wallet.

Among them include the importance of maintaining the operating system we use clean, and it must be properly updated. Piracy in these cases may make us have a bad move, more if we are the U.S. Army and we just hunt with pirated software worth $ 250 million.

And we end with a recommendation: If you still use Windows XP on their computers, it would be interesting to put in place a portability plan to new versions. And not only because in April will no longer receive security patches (and we have clearly that there are on the market 0days waiting when Microsoft stops patching), but today, there is malware that allows control of these remote PC.


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