Monday, November 18, 2013

The Police of this century

Interpol GCI Headquarters in Singapore

The police need to come down to street level”, said the British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. But  due to the expansion of the Internet the police is needed to patrol the cloud and the cyber networks as well.

For this purpose, European and Asian Interpol’s divisions have met in Singapore in order to determine how they will fight against cybercrime from their new headquarters which will be placed in that country.

Among others, they will face threats of cyber-attacks against oil and gas industries in the Middle East. In many cases, those are caused by industrial espionage.

What could also cause many headaches to the new Cyberpol are those infections that occurs while exploiting website’s vulnerabilities. In fact, 1 out of 3 companies assumes that their website is safe, but they have never analyzed it, according to Symantec. Besides 1 out of 4 vulnerable websites actually contains malicious code.

Overconfidence is often the trigger for the attacks. For instance, a not very cautious passenger in an airport who connects his device to a supposed free wifi which is actually a trap from a hacker.

Sometimes the reasons are more complex. We find a clear example on the Linux backdoor Fokirtor. People from Symantec believe that cyber-criminals took advantage of it to compromise the servers of a hosting company in May.

But the Internet is not only a dark world full of criminals. It is also an excellent way to warn citizens about hazards and emergencies that occur outside of the Internet. Thus, Twitter has launched an emergency alerts service in Ireland and the United Kingdom along with 57 government agencies that can now alert directly to those citizens who subscribe to the service.


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