Friday, November 29, 2013

Risky Business

“Cyber risk is also to stay apart from globalization if we don’t understand cybersecurity”, says the CISO of global leading BBVA’s Group, Mr. Santiago Moral Rubio, at one of the roundtables held yesterday in #ciberseguridadenempresas event (cybersecurity at enterprises). was there tweeting about it all along the morning.

131107 1410 Andromeda Lightning talks Recording on 2013-11-07 1405-Vimeo from Øredev Conference on Vimeo.

Globalization is already a non-discussible fact. Everything happens everywhere, every time, and we don’t need to be where things are going: finding information is all we really need. What can’t be shared via Internet, it doesn’t exist. What is going through networks, it survives. For example, the tons of videos that allows us to know closely the Øredev developers seminar, held in Sweden early this month, from where we extract the lecture shown below these lines.

Since we’ve mentioned a financial entity, it’s really worthy to take note of this warning published at Net Security: experts are predicting widespread attack on online banking users, due to a new malware able to attack any bank in any country. It’s simple: Windows-oriented banking Trojan is still the favorite malware of puckish programmers. But achtung, it’s still the favorite one, but not the trending one: mobile malware grows up faster than never before, and because of continuous specialization, malware creators have really hit the jackpot with “forgotten” devices like routers.

Panorama presented by Gunter Ollmann on Dark Reading is much more disturbing. It’s a post with some “conspiranoic” ingredients, proposing that war against botnets is more mass-media-oriented than a real one, chiefly because governments and intelligence agencies would be the really interested on allowing botnets keep alive, since they would be taking advantage of a exploiting large amounts of info. If that’s true, this theory shatters continuous efforts of some institutions in the fighting against the evil, with so rewarding works as “Belgian Guide of Cybersecurity”, sponsored by Belgian Chamber of Commerce and its national Enterprise Federation (FEB).

And just because world is global, we want you to join the #ciberseguriadenlaempresa seminar quoted in the beginning of this post, via a tweets collection with which we launch our first Twitter custom Timeline. We must thank users such as @hectorsm @LuisLacave or organizers @KreabSpain for their tweets, that also make possible this special Timeline.


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