Friday, November 22, 2013

Light vs. Infoxication

British writer Andrew Lang said that "an unsophisticated forecaster uses statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts for support and not to light”. The tide data about the information security of is so huge that if we are not able to analyze it properly, we can end up like "drunks" on information. Just on piece of that, from the video below these lines: cybercrime generates more than 1.5 million victims... every day!

In order to enlighten rather than drunk, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has just published the results of an investigation aimed at Internet giants on the adoption of five basic steps to ensure the encryption of files shared by its users. Among the results they are included some striking features: full compliance from companies like Dropbox or Google vs. the almost total failure of others like Microsoft, which does not encrypt the data center links, and doesn’t supports nor strict HTTPS (HSTS) neither STARTTLS. You’ve got all the information compilled in a very clear infographic.

Attending these results, the prestigious publication CSO covers Eric Schmidt (Google) words: Mountain View users could be free from NSA espionage… It will take ten years with a solution as "easy" as encrypt all data from every user. All of this, while spying scandals add new cases again and again. The latest addition is Norway Government: they acknowledge they have been "listening" millions of phone calls.

The "bad guys" are well aware that "infoxication" is misleading population, and adding more and more victims, just by using sophisticated attack techniques. For example: e-mails alerting of strictly necessary and urgent update for antivirus or OS. A clueless click on an inappropriate link, and we will get another infected computer to use it for a botnet, for ransomware, or for stealing or hijacking identities.

So always welcome efforts to enlighten, as the Fraud meeting organized in October by Info Risk Today, which brought together some of the world leaders in this field. They have now compilled this event in video for those who could not attend it.


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