Thursday, November 28, 2013

Keeping an eye on the future

“The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different” (Peter Drucker, Austrian lawyer and author). Mr. Drucker’s statement is not a very compromising one. However you should commit in terms of security so it is necessary to analyze the present to prevent threats from the future.

Nowadays, one of the actual dangers are trojans, which have become a real headache for banks. The last one which has been discovered storms the stage. It is called NeverQuest and is designed to grab all the data entered in 28 different sites. It could even snatch the dubious distinction of being the most widespread banking trojan to Zeus and Carberp.

But malware does not represent the only risk that the financial sector has to face. Phishing attacks are among the ones most used by cybercriminals to gain access to data from user’s bank accounts. In Enfoque Seguro, they analyzed in detail the phishing attack that customers from the Mexican Bank Banorte are suffering.

Having in mind current risks and threats, some banks are preparing themselves for the future. It is the BBVA’s case which is allied with the Spanish technological firm CMV to improve banking fraud checking through the implementation of some Artificial Intelligence technologies called "Artificial Immune Systems".

The spread of smartphones also brings a number of hazards for both the banking sector and many others. In Android, for example, the malware grew by 30% and some malicious apps have bypassed Android’s digital signature check, according to McAfee’s third quarter report.

CISOs have a very important role in the prevention and detection of cyber attacks in the company, both today and probably tomorrow as well. In this sense, the OWASP Foundation has released a guide for this professional group in which the main three areas are: security process metrics, security risks metrics and security in application development lifecycle.

We do not know if the future that comes is like the one that Trend Micro evokes in its miniseries "2020", but it certainly is an interesting scenario from the point of view of information security. Today we bring you the 9th and final episode in which the plot is resolved. Enjoy it!


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