Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Having the work done before holidays

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a... Merry Christmas? Some people may consider that it is too early to talk about Christmas. Nevertheless it is always good to be alert about the threats that we will have to face between one glass of punch and another.

The security company McAfee has launched a campaign to warn us about the 12 most common scams we can suffer as a mobile phone user while we have our mind set on decorations, gifts or Christmas dinner. For instance, we likely have to cope with fraudulent mobile apps, travel offers that are too good to be true or fake charity’s websites.

12 Scams of the Holidays

In these sense, Facebook does not want that anyone choke himself with the turkey. After Adobe’s data breach, Facebook is forcing to change their password to all those who used the same one on both services.

Microsoft has some security concerns as well about digital certificates that use the old SHA1 cryptographic algorithm so it will stop recognizing them by 2016.

People at London banks hope to enjoy their traditional Christmas crackers after Christmas dinner without any trouble. To test the city's cyber security readiness, yesterday it was conducted a massive cyber attack simulation for 5 hours, supervised by a number of UK entities.

In a different way of collaboration, the EastWest Institute, a think tank focused on global security, proposes to create an entity that organizations could use to share statistics about cyber-attacks and reduce the opacity that exists about it so far. To do so, private sector is required to collaborate sharing their data.

Do not begin caroling yet because we still have to tell you the latest news of the day. A Vermont’s judge has decided that P2P service users can not expect any privacy on their computers. Therefore he has dismissed the claim of three men charged with possession of child pornography who alleged that the police illegally gathered information from their computers using P2P tools.


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