Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cybercrime and Cyberdefense

"Trust in the goodness of others is no small testimony of his own goodness".

Saturday started with a quote from Michel De Montaigne, that it serves like a corollary to the topics to be discussed below. Cases such as a new scam campaign that is plaguing our inboxes, with emails like "suspicious contract (WARNING)". A campaign that warns us to be on the verge of losing the opportunity of a lifetime. The Nigerian scam by downloading an application that comes with “present”.

Trust lost when you are aware of a new DDoS attack which has lasted more than 150 hours and in which they have been involved over 180,000 IPs worldwide. A massive attack that has been called the T-1000, and the main feature (which allowed discarding the initial idea that it was several coordinated botnet) has been the use of the tool PhantomJS, a service that uses a simple browser, mainly for automation and server monitoring.

Not surprisingly therefore that the ITU report a new international standards for security cloud computing, with a view to long-term conservation of all resources based on IP. A set of recommendations that describe the threats that plague this new architecture paradigm, and define the way forward from now to minimize risk and optimize queries to called "digital objects", information entities external to the platform and universal.

A guide that will have to closely follow Microsoft, now more than ever, after announcing the creation of Cybercrime Center, a unit within the company itself whose function is to try to anticipate the movements of large digital bands of organized crime, “in an attempt to make the website a safer place”. Something that Redmond has spent years doing, allocating equity to support other units.

Four items marinated with video of the Michael Daniel´s conference, assistant U.S. President and Cybersecurity Coordinator, on government support to private companies struggling every day against this evil.


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