Saturday, November 2, 2013

About malware and scam

"The threat landscape continues to evolve as cyberattacks grow in sophistication, frequency and financial impact".

We begin today's article with the words of Frank Mong, vice president and general manager of resolutions HP Enterprise Security Products, following the fourth global cybercrime survey, which says that the average annual cost of cybercrime has increased by 78% in the last four years. A exponential growth in the sophistication of attacks, attached to a 130% increase in demand for this type of service, are other findings about it, and allow us to get a pretty clear picture of what we have in hand.

We should not be surprised by both the interest sensitive information online, especially if we talk about professional profiles, and in order to monetize spear-phishing campaign on Linkedin. A strategy that begins when we accept a new contact, conveniently recreated, and gives crackers access to all our information, that is sold for targeted attacks with high probability of success against the our companies.

Social engineering, combined with malware, which remains master of the scene. A gateway to our data that usually comes to our devices from the browser, so it is appreciated that the new version of Chrome Canary (Chrome Beta App), includes an automatic malware blocking, based on black lists which the company has already, and to help our equipments securize.

And we finished with a project in order to make a difference in the sector. Mozilla Location Service, the new initiative of the corporation, and that responds to the unreliability of current services location, among which stands Google Maps, Nokia Maps and Apple Map. A set of developer tools that allow the creation of a collective system maps (crowdsourcing), taking advantage of the signal of communication networks and nearby wifis, and promises total privacy, to be out of the long tentacles of the NSA.


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