Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Will Smith is NOT dead

131022 WSmith post"I’ve heard about the insecurity prevailing here, but I think there is no more dangerous country than where I live in.” This is a quote attributed to actor Will Smith, during one of its promotions at Mexico. If that “country” was called the Internet, his sentence would be even fuller of meaning… And especially for him, today more than ever.

We can say it higher but not clearer: Will Smith is NOT dead due to spinal surgery, as it is going throw Facebook at full speed. The invitation to view the camera from a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), where you would see a doctor committing malpractice, is actually a passport to install a malicious application. So, Will for friends, Mr. Smith for those interested, is still alive and kicking.

Let's stay on Facebook: two researchers have just shown what to do with Graph Search (or maybe its dark side), with a powerful machine called FB Stalker, which allows to draw with great degree of precision and detail the online universe of a user, without resorting to illegal tricks, only using Zuckerberg's network resources. Sounds like a spy? Please, let’s get accustomed to this new day-to-day in digital era, and open your eyes with exceptional presentations as this one from former cyber spy hunter Eric Winsborrow, lectured at TEDx event in Vancouver: "I'll show you the future of cyber espionage, with technologies that have actually been created today to protect the nations."

Probably espionage is behind a confidential note that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has circulated among its state members, and undisclosed via Reuters: several of their computers have been hacked in recent months, apparently without risks. Behind all this, of course, organized cybercrime, also responsible for hundreds, thousands of daily incidents through DDoS attacks. In an unprecedented commitment, giant Google has announced the launch of Project Shield, a cloud computing based solution to protect from these incidents and specially designed (they say) for online dissenting or uncomfortable voices, to ensure their freedom of expression where it is sought. In any case, we’ve got a very good test of how the story is changing, there at the UK, where some convicts ‘hackers’ could become part of British cyber army.


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