Saturday, October 19, 2013

The world is on cyber fire

Ready for the rocker…

Weekend is been coming really hard in some parts of the world. It must be true what American writer John Ernst Steinbeck said, "The art of rest is part of the art of working" because when your guard down, you're gonna get "keep you going" twice with a frantic pace.

Qatar and Pakistan, there is where we go today. Both countries national security has been compromised in recent hours. The Syrian Electronic Army itself announced “Qatar is Down”. They apparently went into the Qatar Domains Registry and from there they began a wave of attacks, including government pages, sites like Facebook or Google, and companies like Vodafone. A full-scale assault.

For its part, the Pakistani government watched as long as 18 official sites were going down, though reportedly all attacks have been surpassed.

In this cyber world on fire, the Chinese company Huawei has come to add more fuel, saying (without saying) that the bad guys are the good one and vice versa. That is: they do not serve Chinese dictatorial regime's orders, the U.S. blockade is absurd since 70% of its components come from there, and they are positioned on the side of those who demand maximum transparency and standardization of all processes at international level to play by the rules clear.

Do we need more data to know that whoever does not have the art of working, will not enjoy the rest? In Mexico, IBM promotes the cybersecurity challenge 2013, under the umbrella of "Students for a smarter planet." To the extent they work, maybe they may rest. For the rest it should be more difficult.


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