Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Weakness of Omnipotence

131015 PostsWe’re not trying to get now mystics, especially today that we go publishing again (anyone out there?). But you should take note of what St. Augustine once wrote: "The very weakness of God comes from his omnipotence".

Where you read God, you can say the most used browser, Chrome, or the language in one way or another affects us all when using the Internet, Java. Being "in the heights" means that you'll have more enemies seeking your downfall, and therefore there will be more ways for them to exploit your vulnerabilities. You can patch them, yes, like Oracle has just made with a monumental update. Even, you may let your community to help you, as Mountain View giant has done: three out of five important safety warnings, fixed in the latest update, in exchange for a $ 5,000 awareness (ridiculous figure considering their turnover).

The same recipe could be applied to the gods of espionage. Nothing concerning to privacy and encryption will ever be as before September 5th, the date that the former contractor Edward Snowden leaked new documents which unveiled the practices of the U.S. and UK to totally break encryption systems used by Internet users in the most common services.

Then we knew that tracking of conversations was for real, regardless of the majors "partnership", over and over denied by the companies themselves. In addition, today we know that intelligence agencies would also be tracking addresses and developing social graphs of all users worldwide. Too much information, perhaps… Too big to fail, such as economics, or as the St. Augustine object? There is so much news surrounding this issue, that even some independent researchers have launched a fundraising campaign to completely audit the most standardized solution on encryption: TrueCrypt.

These days it is more necessary than ever to identify vulnerable gods, and separate them from false gods with feet of clay. Because there are many people acting like a fake. And that affects all fields, from biometric sensors to sexting applications. The higher your range is, the wider your vulnerabilities will be.


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