Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ready for the revolution

”I feel it is a far more potent political act to completely renounce the current paradigm than to participate in even the most trivial and tokenistic manner”.

The sentence accompanying today's post is not coming from the mouth of a distinguished philosopher, but someone of our time. Russell Brand calls for revolution, a peaceful revolution by the return of control of our privacy.

A problem that affects us all, and has driven the President of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, to convene the U.S. ambassador to demand an explanation, right after it came to light the NSA spying leaders of half the world.

A privacy than, say, enjoy in all Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, which is reluctant to use new technologies, and therefore does not count or even with an email account or mobile phone.

And is that the movements of the NSA are currently over the weekend than ever, with the apparent attack on their web services for some hours offline, that has led the National Security Agency of the United States to make a statement to deny, under an internal error in one of the scheduled updates.

Whether true or not, there is tension, and a lot. So much so that many celebrities have joined the initiative of Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) with the next video, to ask just what Russell Brand asked several paragraphs above: Stop watch us.

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