Friday, October 25, 2013

If you wanna come my way

131025 Escobar post"I have many things to give you my love / if you want come my way / a lot of dreams for enthusiasm you / and all the good things that are within me." These lyrics are from one of the most known singers of Spanish traditional song throughout the world, died in the last hours, Manolo Escobar.

Likes apart and considering that tradition and IT environment are not exactly best friends, this stanza of the late singer is a small nod to his memory, and in addition a way for presenting the many readings proposed by this Research Center for this weekend. Up to five documents, each more interesting. "If by way of security you want to come", there are plenty of things to discover. Let's make a little collection of documents published in recent days.

"Big Data and the future of security" is the title of a whitepaper published these days in Net Security, which seeks to understand the always evolving security environment, and how persistent threats (APT) and the sophisticated malware have changed how security teams must face them and use detection tools.

Upon registration for download, IBM has also released these days, a study of the evolution of the heads of corporate security (CISO), from data collected in a survey. Among its key findings, the document states that today CISO must not only understand technology, but to be leaders who must find the meeting point between business objectives and security.

One of the most comprehensive and constant sources in  IT environments, TheInfoPro, is also in the news because of a recent document, which identifies that security "is back again the pain-points of the network management." In this case, the basis of the study are multiple interviews with professionals and business decision makers all along North America and Europe.

The company specialized Kaspersky, meanwhile, has a recent survey on security in a multi-device world, approached from the point of view of the consumer. You can access the full PDF directly from here.

And to cap this intense reading session, thanks to Hispanic SeguInfo blog, we turn to a paper in draft published in February this year by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime , "Comprehensive study of cybercrime", a complete 320 page PDF that you can download from this link.

"I will not ask you to be perfect / or to change change the way you are / but if you put a grain of sand / so that we can get our thing well." We would save many cybersecurity troubles if we put all the grain of sand that Manolo Escobar asked his muse, right?


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