Monday, October 21, 2013

Hell, ma non troppo

“Maybe this world is another planet’s Hell”. We could start the journey across this new week with these words of British writer Aldous Huxley. And we will end up concluding that, fortunately, there are too many people doing good things to say definitely that we are really ‘helly’ people...

… even since there are many local hells. For example, the daily threats to security, that Sophos's team gathers in small one-minute pieces. The last ends with the recent gap discovered on D-Link devices. "More than strange", says the video, and, of course, sometimes this local hell is more than strange.

We also have myths little hell: ideas slipping in our day to day and slowing us all. HP and Intel have decided to break down some of them and they have released the whitepaper  Five myths of cloud computing, which aims to "separates fact from fiction, reality from myth, and, in doing so, will aide senior IT executives as they make decisions around cloud computing.” Sometimes myths goes on IT wars, like those related to mobile malware: all experts say Android is the big security hole, but Google’s top officials deny it, and John Leyden replies now from The Register that the antihacker barriers made in Mountain View are mostly dialog boxes. He adds an ironic "Mr. Wonka" in reference to the recent agreement between Nestlé and search engine for Android version 4.4 Kit Kat.

Want a real serious Hell? OK, take the money’s one. More than it, the chance to lose it. TrendMicro has just made an interesting study from 3,7 millions references, for visualizing that not all banking fraud online campaigns are widely spread, but some of them specialize on exact geographical areas of our planet-this hell. They’ve call it ‘Operation Apollo’. More hells, even more serious, this one we know day in, day out, about the spying scandal and documents leaks. This time is Mexico who raises his voice, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which condemns the NSA for its “unacceptable, unlawful and contrary to law” activity.

The planet itself is becoming a hell, due to climate change. Scientists have warned that the reaction time is exhausted. So the din of wailing and saber rattlng from stakeholders, some people are trying to achieve a bit of out-of-the-box pov: if you can’t revert the climate change ... hack the climate. People like them, like those looking for our money security, like those concerned about our mobile devices, or those engaged to make laws something more than trampled items, let us say that, despite everything, still this planet is not 100% Hell.


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