Sunday, October 20, 2013

Distrust is the mother of safety

Week just ends with eyes fixed both low-level security as the most sophisticated, and with the worlds of Aristophanes, which was right when he said that about “Distrust is the mother of safety”.

A system is as secure as the weakest of its elements, a law that any security expert should bear in mind, and something that appears in DIAN, Colombia Tax and Customs, with serious problem in container entry contraband favored by a system controlled by the mafia.

On one side of the world to another, where a user tells helplessly as China Mobile, your mobile operator, is unable to successfully manage spam traffic to their number, receiving an average of 60,000 messages per year. Neither the temporary blocking of the account, neither the Smart Filters are able to control it.

A situation that makes clear with the need to implement a BYOD plan (Bring Your Own Device) in each company upgraded to the necessary, and especially to the irruption of biometric systems.

And is that new technologies bring new challenges, as he had to live Dick Cheney, ex U.E. Vice President, to prevent possible attacks on its own heart implant (ICD).


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