Thursday, October 31, 2013

Count of Mirabeau 2.0

Honoré Mirabeau 4“The greatest danger of governments is wanting to govern too much”. Just by following news you could think that this is a Today’s quote. Well, it’s not. Its origin is the Illustration and is attributed to Count Mirabeau, who died in 1791.

Is it applicable to today? The leaks "machine" called Edward Snowden gives more and more headaches to a government that apparently wants to govern too much. Yesterday, the Washington Post published a dizzying story: it is not as large technology companies are under suspicion for alleged collaboration with U.S. intelligence, but even without such collaboration, the NSA had been constantly and permanently eavesdropping Google and Yahoo servers, intercepting all. “All” also means personal communications. The U.S. government, of course, has emphatically denied so great accusation.

If that were not enough, worldwide espionage operations could explain part of the suspicious activity increase in Tor network, supposedly spy-tested. Governments are not alone. They are accompanied by cybercriminals (unlikely traveling mates), which would have seen Tor as a chance to spread malware. The presence of malware on the “onion” network is not new, but it is this increased use linked to criminal activities. Could that be why rulers want to rule too much? Would Count de Mirabeau think the same today, if he must face the challenge of managing security?

This challenge is so large that Security Intelligence explaines, half joking, half serious, 9 reasons why a security officer (CISO), needs a hug: nobody understand him, their environment is always changing, its ROI is difficult to prove, etc. One sample of this changing environment that any CISO deals with is the evolution towards biometric security systems. Hispanic blog Security By Default analyses this trend, wondering if we are prepared for a technological standardization. So, to make life easier, as well as hugs, we must innovate through tasks automation. That’s what a recent survey of Tufin Technologies reflects, after interviewing more than 500 security directors and managers.


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