Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chaplin's Style Hackers

"You get the real meaning of things when trying to say the same things in different words." That said Charles Chaplin, and let’s today begin this post with the following thinking: will you know the true meaning of things, now that all of them will be defined increasingly by a digital identity? Are we prepared to "understand" the Internet of things?

Btw, take care at this side of the trench. We have had ample evidences that any device connected, such as printers or IP cameras, are highly hackable. In the recent security conference DerbyCon, a paper tried to opened your eyes on vulnerabilities of the Internet of things, which will grow up over and over.

Nevertheless, if we stay Today date, there are other vital aspects. Two prestigious companies, Akamai and Symantec, have just published two reports on information security. The first one focuses on issues such as the Syrian Electronic Army attacks, the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 or the mobile connectivity. The second one is an annual map and analysis about cyber threats, by Symantec Global Intelligence Network.

Among the continuing threats today, we’ve got identity theft and unauthorized access to CMS (Content Management Systems). Three posts on the blog “An IT Guy at the Evil Side” deal with the  first issue, written by Enrique Rando, author of book Hacking with search engines. The second issue leads us today to the popular vBulletin: CMS failure would have been the cause of at least 35,000 websites breaches.

So, if this post was beginning with an event like the DerbyCon, well worth closing it with the promising 8.8 Computer Security Conference. Their organizers say it aims to be the first 100% technical infosec conference held in Chile.


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