Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brand new doesn’t mean invulnerable

Some technologists say that Apple has done it again, they have managed to surprise with the presentation of the new iPad and OS Mavericks. So, semi 'geeks' as we are in technology, today we are going to allow us recreate in the short chronic by CNet.

Also we share it, in part, because even more amazing is going to be, at the speed cybersecurity moves, when a hacker finds the first breach of security for these shiny new hardware and software. The seventh edition of ENISE in the city of Leon (Spain), from Tuesday until Wednesday, is just teaching us that nobody will stop developing. Although there is possibility to enjoy streaming, you can download some of the lectures and papers from the website of the National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO), organizer of the event.

The news today lead us to cybercrime environment: from the theft of two laptops on October 12th at a hospital in Alhambra (California, USA), which allow access to 720,000 patient records; to a hacker group claiming to have made ​​a lot of $100,000 through a "simple" SQL injection. That ‘s certainly a formidable loot for a click, of course. The last article from one of the most recognized experts worldwide, Pierluigi Paganini, deals specifically with this: the growing relationship between hackers and criminal organizations.

Does anyone remember Obama’s cybersecurity executive order, last February? Well, despite PRISM, Snowden and budget shutdown, that order bears fruit. United States has just released a comprehensive paper on "Cybersecurity Framework" to operate at institutions, still in early development. You can access the PDF from this link for download and reading: it will sure provide you some clues.


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