Sunday, October 27, 2013

A smart spy system

John Fitzgerald Kennedy said that ”An intelligent man is one who can be smart enough to hire people smarter than him”, that extrapolated to the cyber security takes on new value even more disturbing.

We arrived Sunday, a day to relax and break the routine. But also a day to sit at the table and talk with the family. Therefore, to ensure we are well informed about today's post we structure around a short wiki about complex programs American spy system.

If you have to start somewhere, is to control networks. A strategy used before the popularization of computers, taken to the extreme by the British government with the Tempora operation, taking advantage of its central geographic position in the framework of transatlantic networks linking America, Asia and Europe.

Controlled the middle, now need to obtain the information, and for this are responsible several different projects. If we wish to access the databases of Internet companies, Prism suffice to use, a back door between business and government agreed to this fact.

If our objective is to analyze emails and conversations, we must use XKeyscore, a monitoring center and categorization of metadata. Hundreds of computers that work together to process large volumes, and archive what could be interesting.

What do we need to access data that the user or the service has encryption? Don´t worry, for this we have Bullrun and Edgehill, two programs prepared to skip encrypted, either taking advantage of the immense control that has always had the NSA on computer security, either through access agreements of the companies that provide these services.

And finally, and to make life easier for the interested in what belongs to others, we will access to this spy network with a beautiful interface, which is called UTT, able to segment by areas, priorities or professions, in order to complete searches without even having to know the name of who seek.

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