Thursday, July 4, 2013

Never, never, never give up

Give Up

"Never, never, never give up" (former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill). Humans beings have an impressive ability to face adversity by severe they are.

If you are responsible for a company that has suffered a cyber-attack, do not let discouragement overcome you and look for ways to fix it. You will need courage and determination to face the costs half a million euros that are associated on average with these kind of assaults to enterprises. You will need it even if it is an SME and the average payout is a figure much smaller (38,000 euros), according to the Global Survey on corporate IT security - 2013 by International B2B and +Kaspersky Lab.

In case your company is located in Mexico, each passing day is more likely that you will have to face one of these situations, according to the 2013 Threat Report by security company +WebsenseMexico is the first country in Center and South America in number of threats and the ninth in the world. Its 42 million Internet users, the lack of regulation in security, poor preparation of users, the increase of mobile devices and the proximity to the U.S., make it a juicy target.

If you experience a computer attack you can not throw in the towel, but as the saying goes "prevention is better than cure". One of the most important threats to organizations is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. There is a number of different solutions in the security market for this type of offense. In today's video, we have a simulation which shows two DDoS attacks: one to a company that is protected and one to a company that is not.

However sometimes we suffer security risks to our own flesh as a citizen. Sharing a scanned image of your ID on a P2P network by mistake can turn your life into hell. With your data, criminals can impersonate you and put all kind of bills and debts in your name. The story of a girl called Sandra which is told in Spanish TV channel +Cuatro is like that. But she did not give up, she was not willing to give up on her identity.

You might think that you would not commit a blunder like Sandra's one. Nevertheless you may often do check-in to share with your friends where you are going, what you do or what you just bought. Thus they will not steal the identity, but it is possible that cyber-criminals rob your house while you're enjoying a daiquiri on a beach in the Caribe. Therefore +Kaspersky Lab asks users to be cautious when posting their location.

So we should not ever be too trusting. Even if you take certain safety measures they are not always infallible. For example, you have a security solution installed on your company computers and it has some vulnerabilities that could lead to SQL injections, XSS attacks, and disclosure of sensitive information. This has happened with Symantec Security Information Manager as +Symantec itself acknowledges. This failure is fixed in version 4.8.1.


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