Monday, July 1, 2013

Cyber threats cocktail

"Cocktail: a drink made of a mixture of spirits to which are usually added other ingredients" (Royal Spanish Academy). Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Caipirinha, Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita, Manhattan... all of them are names of cocktails, but they could be a list of viruses in honor of the world of those exotic concoctions. On the Internet there are threats of all colors, flavors, with or without ice, virgin or alcoholic, with a slice of lemon or a cherry…

CóctelOur first today's cocktail has a dose of a the Department of Homeland Security’s ICS-CERT's report, two doses of gas compression stations victims of several cyber-attacks in February and two and a half dose of brute force attacks to access the process control network of these stations.

If the above cocktail is too strong for you, we have more. Take a dose of an alert from the security company McAfee, two doses of an executable called emiratesstatement.exe which is camouflaged in a harmless PDF, and a touch ofmalware infections in the United Arab Emirates, Omar and Bahrein tageting government institutions, network companies, internal CRM systems...

To end our today's cocktail list, we offer you one more. You need to put three doses of Ruby, a half dose of update, and two doses of fixing vulnerabilities that allowed to make man-In-The-Middle and denial of service attacks.

As in other sectors, you can find some academic prepared bartenders and others who demonstrate great professionalism simply relying on his expertise without any degree. Do you need a degree to work fighting the Molotov cocktails that attack computer users, companies and governments across the planet? Lorenzo Martínez publishes an interesting debate about it on Security by Default.

Whether they have a degree or not, these master mixologists of computer securityquestion whether the states (specifically the United States) are prepared to deal with a massive cyber-attack targeting critical systems. In CSO they collect a diverse sample of opinions.

In this sense, Singapore Armed Forces launched a new Cyber Defense Operations Hub in which they bring together many of these professionals who are used to mix all kinds of ingredients to prepare their military networks for a possible cyber-attack.


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