Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sex & Drugs & Rock n'Roll

"Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll". The title of this song popularized by Ian Dury in the 70's could well define the latest video that John McAfee, the creator of the first commercial anti-virus program, has launched.

In the short-film, McAfee satirizes the difficulty of removing this security product that bears his name, echoing supposed complaints alleged by users. He laugh at himself and at the criticisms that have been made about their lifestyle in recent times. He appears with weapons, some women from a Portland Exotic club, a white powder as cocaine, a lot of vulgar language... He has not worked for the business he founded in more than 15 year, and takes every opportunity to show their discontent with the way it has taken since he is not in charge anymore.

Major concerns, however, have the Spanish population. The concern about their data being stolen and used for fraudulent purposes has grown by 8% in the last year. According to a study of the technology company Unisys, today more than half of the Spanish population feels worried at the prospect of becoming a victim of fraud.

Precisely, the 6 million Facebook users' personal information has been exposed by a "down our content" tool's bug. Facebook itself has acknowledged that the application allow some users to get other user's email address or phone number. It seems that the reaction from the company has been quick and the problem has been solved.


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