Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In the middle of chaos

Bob Dylan once said, "I accept chaos, I'm not sure whether it accepts me". We are surrounded by chaos. On the Internet, this results in massive flows of information, millions of human beings trying to raise their voices at the same time, a variety of constant security threats…

In fact, in South Korea they have started Tuesday with a great deal of confusion and bewilderment. Several governmental institutions and Korean media's websites have been victims of a coordinated attack coinciding with the 63rd anniversary of the Korean War.

Another situation to add to the ongoing chaos of the Internet is an spam attackwith pharmaceutical messages from Yahoo accounts that have previously been compromised. But it does not stop here, because the links they contain have been designed to infect Android devices with malware.

Also joining the party we have one warning from the US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) warning about the dangers of not changing the default password that comes on all types of devices connected to the network. These passwords are usually included in public documents and, therefore a hacker who already knows that can locate those devices via Shodan searches and attack them.

And if taking care of yourself is not enough difficult into this mess, you must also keep an eye on the little ones. Security firm +Kaspersky Lab warns that one in seven Latin American children lie and cheat to get into social media without paternal permission. Also, over 16% of them visit porn sites or online stores. As usual, they recommend to restrict access to them through parental control software.

However there is a figure that appears to be above all this chaos. This is the CISO. Those security managers have the task to react quickly against Internet attacks and threats, or even anticipate to them. Sometimes they get to the point that their own peers may think they are mind readers. At least that is what happens to the protagonist of the video we bring you today.

Leaving the realm of fiction, we bring you the interview that Infosec Island have made to an actual CISO, the VP of Enterprise Security Services at the +Scotiabank. Throughout more than a dozen questions, he gives his views on the most demanded skills or technologies or the most dangerous threats nowadays.


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