Monday, January 22, 2018

There are no magical formulas

Today we are constantly bombarded by advertising and one of their claims is the sale of miraculous formulas and definitive remedies that will make you look younger, thinner ...and more innocent. The first "remedies" not only included plants whose healing virtues were discovered through a method of success and error, but there were poisons and concoctions that could generate the suffering to a multitude of ailments.

In cybersecurity there are also "innocent" companies that believe in the miraculous formulas that once implemented will make your company invincible in the face of attacks. This week we want to give voice to Michael Warnock, who has recently become Country Manager of Aura Information Security, a subsidiary of the mission-critical technology solutions provider, Kordia. The main objective of Michael lies in the need for companies to change their way of thinking when addressing cybersecurity. Aura Information currently leads the cybersecurity offering in Australia thanks to its partnership with RedShield that integrates the innovative "security at your service" approach.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Working safely

First Industrial Revolution didn´t happen that long ago and by that time the working conditions were dire. Not only wages were miserable, but working hours could easily last 13 hours and in the places workplaces were no ventilation or hygiene. Thanks to the Work-related Accidents Act of 1900 things improved for the workers of the time. Currently the risks are different and you may be suffering in your own company ... or even provoking them.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Action... reaction?

The idea on which the third Law of Newton is based, which refers to the basic principles of physics, was already mentioned by Socrates, named as the “Law of cause and effect”. Currently this same idea remains thanks to the Law of Karma, which is an anesthetic for the mind of the most suffered. There is a sense of redemptions and justice that accompanies this belief that defends that every action generates an amount of energy that returns to us with the same force.  

Behind every action there is a reaction and behind almost every cyberattack there is financial motivation. There is a type of attack called ransomware, and for the lucky one who doesn´t know what they are, they suppose an extraction of information for which a ransom is subsequently requested. Ransomware attacks are on the rise and it is already half of the companies worldwide that have experienced it in the last year according to this Radware study.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Chaos in Manhattan

Traffic lights of a large city simultaneously in green, massive chain clashes ... Something more than two years ago, New York could have suffered the takeover of the transit system by a terrorist group, it didn´t happen but it was evident how simple it was to do it. Someone demonstrated the ease with which they could access the traffic automation systems that are being installed these days in the largest cities in the world.

Today at CIGTR we want to give voice to that someone, César Cerrudo, the creator of the chaos in Manhattan that June 3, 2014. Currently CTO of IOActive Labs, famous for his research in ICS / SCADA, Smart Cities, IoT and software security. Currently César could be considered one of the most important professional hackers in the world, and although many still link the term "hacker" with not very clean actions, in reality this term doesn´t allude more than the fact of having extensive knowledge in the network and the programing.

Friday, January 12, 2018

"Humor" festival at the beginning of the year

The best of the week in cybersecurity

If it were not for serious issues, many weeks you could think that cybersecurity is a festival of cheap humor if you look back to see what has been in the news for the last days. Something halfway between a hard joke and a tasteless experience, where you find improbable flaws, things with political sarcasm, patches that create problems where there were none, and European laws that beyond Europe even half of the affected don't know. Fortunately, in the meantime, there are who take things seriously and remind us that the security of our data and our information is something crucial for everyone, every day.

If you have not heard of Meltdown and Spectre in recent weeks, lucky you are in your disconnected paradisiacal island. For all the others, these two have been the scariest names of the digital experience, because they told us that nobody was safe. Except from AMD, where they said since the first hour that their microprocessors were secure, but... party was quickly off for the users and customers of the company. During the weekend, the same Microsoft patch that restored peace of mind to users with Intel devices, left the AMDs frozen at the launching of the operating system.